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“Class Act for Kids"at the Flagler Playhouse 2022

Flagler Playhouse, Inc.

Basic Acting for Kids (ages 8 to 14)

May-June 2022

Instructor: Les Ober

Classes will include the following:

Physical Warmups

Stretches, balance, posture, relaxing, focus, and movement for the stage.

Vocal Warmups

Relaxing, projection, enunciation, breathing, and speech for the stage.

Theater games for warming up and creativity

Can include ball game, spacewalk/explosion (emotion-no emotion), sports movements, New York (what do you do), objects game, and more.

Use of improv

Can include the party, slips of paper (nouns/emotions), animal behavior to human, and more.

Theory work

Simple introduction to method acting (sensory recall, mask), objectives, use of spine, motivation, obstacle, strategy, action, outcome.

Scene work

Short piece (age appropriate) to be worked on each week.

Final class presentation for parents and friends – regular class, followed by 45-to-60-minute presentation, to include a short scene for all students and demonstration of favorite games and improvisations.

Class Act for Kids Regitraton
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